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This has been a theme in my life, but once I live in a place, I always feel like I want to try to live there again. I joined dA in 2006, was very active for a few years, disappeared for several years, and now I feel like the welcoming arms of dA are drawing me back (no pun intended). The great part of an evolving website is that you always come back to some of the same and something new. It's not so different that it alienates you, but it's not so old that it feels stagnated.

I have expanded to other forms of social media (ack that phrase sounds so gross). Twitter is fun (find me at I'm finally starting up on Tumblr ( but why is it so dreadfully slow?

For those of you who have noted or messaged me over the past few days, I have read every one of them. I cannot reply to everyone but thank you for the note or message.

Happy 2015 everyone, I want to empower everyone to use your freedom and willpower to the maximum effect. Find your true voice from the inner quiet of your mind. That can only be found by "fasting" from your addictions. I'm not saying give up your addictions -- we all have them and I am no saint. But by letting your mind be "bored" (that is a modern term for "the quiet of mind"), you will discover SO much.
Though I spend less time on deviantART these days, it is still the place where I feel the most freedom to express myself.

I may have had a major breakthrough in "how I make comics" over this Thanksgiving weekend. It has nothing to do with technique or skills. It has to do with how I think. In my life, what I am thinking when I draw means everything.

What am I thinking?

When I create comics, the "who am I" must be evident. It must. So who am I? I am Taiwanese American.  I lived in Japan for a very very long time. In the study of "who is Ryuzo", this is more important than ever. The pop culture that supported me and nurtured my art for all these years means less and less to me (sorry Transformers, sorry Star Wars, sorry Mortal Kombat, sorry mainstream comics). I still wholly enjoy pop culture, but when it comes to creating, I have no interest in creating anything remotely similar. TFs, SW, MK, mainstream comics do their genres well and have cultivated their audiences over decades. Good for them. For us indie creators, it is an unprecedented time for self expression, with the means to do it. Where's my audience with the same sensibilities as me? It's up to me to find my audience. How long will mass accessibility to freedom of expression last? Nobody knows. The time is now.

I will make no promises about what I will create. You will see what I create when it gets created, the proverbial "it'll be released when it's done". But on this last day of November 2014, I was here shouting from the top of a mountain. I am Ryuzo. I am breaking out of my shell.
Hi everybody and thanks for the great reponses to my comics "Smell A Rat" and "Innovation".

In recent news:
"Smell A Rat" is now available as part of a kickstarter anthology called "Horror of Loon Lake". It was written, edited and masterminded by Carl Smith, and it is 100+ pages of pure classic horror comic book nostalgia (of which 23 pages is the Smell A Rat story). This is a chance to own my art and the art of a host of other artists in print. The story:

A kid goes on a vacation to Loon Lake. Bored out of his mind, he goes fishing at Loon Lake and fishes up 3 comic books from the river. Did he get a good catch...or is HE the catch?!

Head on over now, pledge to get a great comic book if you like, and be sure to come back and finish reading this journal entry! XD -->…


Been Bit Promo by ryuzo
Welcome back! So the next update is that I'm going to send you over somewhere else again, this time to read an 8pg werewolf comic that I drew. It was written by Jeff Rider.  COME BACK! -->…


Lastly, New York Comicon starts on Thursday. I hope everyone has a great time!
I am proud to announce the release of my first full length comic of 2014 -- "Smell A Rat"! (I know, it takes a little while to get used to that title!) It's a horror comic inspired by the 1979 movie The Warriors (think NYC gangs) and classic horror comics like Tomb of Dracula.

Smell A Rat was written by Carl Smith, whom I met on twitter. (I'm on there a lot these days! artiststan) Carl is making a horror comics anthology called "The Horror of Loon Lake". Smell A Rat will also be included in that anthology, but it is being released first. Check out the going-ons of Horror of Loon Lake here -->…

Smell A Rat preview:
Horror Comic - Smell A Rat - 3pg Preview by ryuzo

Each comic that I do is a monumental crime of passion. It starts with me reading the script. I have to love the script on the first read, there's just no way around that. Don't let that discourage you from sending me scripts. I consider myself a curator of stories, so it simply must get by my "gatekeepers", my "mind", in order to get to my "drawing hand". Then I ask questions about the script. We discuss and we go very organically to a finalized script.

Then the comic layouts / sketches / bluelines happen. It is a very intensive process where I do very rough pencils, but with shading and solid panel work. Lately I'll even do word bubbles, tails, bubble connectors, caption boxes, etc. in this stage! It really helps the writer and I really preview the comic, and if I can get the writer on board to hire me for the letters too, double-win. Then we discuss and finalize the page layouts.

You think we've gotten anywhere yet? Nope. The marathon begins at this stage. Days and weeks pass before the comic is complete.

When the dust settles and the art is finalized, there is still much to do. Covers, graphic design, marketing, promotion, digital release, print release, comicons, etc.

Thanks for reading through that process. So, back to what this journal entry is all about -- "Smell A Rat" is ready for your eyes! Get it on Amazon here -->

And if you have a comic script that is ready, and you are ready to hire me to draw/letter/color it, what are you waiting for? Let's make it happen sooner than later.
The director of a popular video series called "This is HyperX" found me in the dA Job Offers Forum and hired me to do motion comic art for his latest video! (HyperX makes computer memory sticks.) This particular video is a parody on The Walking Dead. All the actors are pro gamers, which makes it all the more hilarious.

Watch it all! If you want to see my art, fast forward to 3:30.

I was drawing "Wild Turtle" and "The Odd One" for like 4 days straight, it was EPIC.


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