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With summer comes the feeling of hope and boundless adventure, carried over from summer vacations of yesteryear.
Sketchnotes, or visual recording, or graphic facilitation. It is has many names. Here is one I did about breaking into comics:
The vernal equinox has just passed and the sun begins its rise toward the summer solstice. It's a good time of year to start something new, but don't expect immediate results. It's a gradual buildup of energy dictated by the earth and other celestial bodies.
My online store is open and it awaits your patronage.
Thank you for all your support!


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Stan Chou
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
I specialize in Illustration, Comics & Motion.
My focus is on Relationships, Storytelling & Adaptation.
In January 2013, I listed a bunch of quotes I read in a magazine. Here they are again, but with added notes from how my thoughts have changed since then:

- To improve your rapport with the person you are talking to, synch your body language to that person for 30 seconds.
How I feel now: Rapport is not something you *will* into existence by some mechanical movements.

- Look in the mirror and say "Great!" in as many different ways as you can until you laugh. (I tried this, I really did laugh and it didn't take long.)
How I feel now: Still agree.

- "Mastery" is not genius. It is a function of concentration and time. (This great quote is corroborated by Malcolm Gladwell in one of his books, where he says that "world class talent" is the accumulation of 10,000 hours of practice in one skill, and he goes on to show why Mozart, Bill Gates (euch, sorry to put those two together but the author did that), The Beatles and others achieved 10,000 hours in a time when no one else did.
How I feel now: I actually never quote Malcolm Gladwell anymore, ha. He is a kind of supposed "thought leader" who says interesting things but they are just musings of a philosopher rather than things to live by or "parrot" in random conversation. The word "mastery" has so many meanings that whether it is genius or not, whether it is concentration or not, whether it is time or not...I don't dwell on it, strive for it, or question it. I just live.

- Focus on 5 to 10 years down the line, when benefits are reaped.
How I feel now: NO. N. O. NO. Focus on today. That is all.

- Start copying the greats in your field of interest. You'll get a better sense of how they think and create.
How I feel now: No, don't copy anyone. Greats? What makes them great? Greatness is a social construct. Just live your life, make choices, see the results, continue to live. Put "greats" less and less in your mind until you are free of them. They may be crutches for a time in your life, sure, but there comes a time to come into your own.

- Start an "interesting people" fund. Pay for lunch and coffee with people you find interesting.
How I feel now: Still agree.

- Think -- who are 10 people you'd reach out to if you got laid off? Reach out to them now, when you don't need anything.
How I feel now: This presupposes that you will get laid off. This presupposes that getting laid off is a bad thing. This presupposes a lot of things, and it is all built on fear! Reach out to them not because of fear of getting laid off and needing them for a buck or a sofa to sleep on. Reach out because your hand moved to the phone to call them without questioning your motive or thoughts about a future that hasn't even come yet. Again, live for today and your feelings today. "I want to call him/her to hang out." Bam. That's it. Laid off?!?! Wha...?!?!

- Say yes to everything for one day.
How I feel now: No way. What the heck?! HAHA!

- Appeal to people from the angle of their own self interest.
How I feel now: NO, what is this? This is awful. Who wrote these quotes and why did I post them here only 2 years ago?? Shame on myself.

- Be suspicious of "free" or "cheap", but use it to your advantage.
How I feel now: WHAT?! "Use it to your advantage?!" Was this written by some cold heartless marketing "guru" who has no friends and a "kick me" stuck on his back?!

- Concentrate on a single outlet of power -- don't dilute your strength!
How I feel now: NO. It's not diluting your strength, it's diversifying your strengths. The corporations of the world have us specializing in typing the letter "E" but who can type all 26 letters anymore? The more you can do yourself, the more you are a unique creature that creates your own kind of beauty. Yes, stop diversifying at the point where you need to defer to another expert, but learn what your limits are, diversify until it hurts, and then diversify a bit more before scaling back a bit. No pain no gain. Are you a one-outlet wall socket or a power strip with surge protection?! Ha!

That's all for today, stay sharp lads and ladies.
This has been a theme in my life, but once I live in a place, I always feel like I want to try to live there again. I joined dA in 2006, was very active for a few years, disappeared for several years, and now I feel like the welcoming arms of dA are drawing me back (no pun intended). The great part of an evolving website is that you always come back to some of the same and something new. It's not so different that it alienates you, but it's not so old that it feels stagnated.

I have expanded to other forms of social media (ack that phrase sounds so gross). Twitter is fun (find me at I'm finally starting up on Tumblr ( but why is it so dreadfully slow?

For those of you who have noted or messaged me over the past few days, I have read every one of them. I cannot reply to everyone but thank you for the note or message.

Happy 2015 everyone, I want to empower everyone to use your freedom and willpower to the maximum effect. Find your true voice from the inner quiet of your mind. That can only be found by "fasting" from your addictions. I'm not saying give up your addictions -- we all have them and I am no saint. But by letting your mind be "bored" (that is a modern term for "the quiet of mind"), you will discover SO much.
Though I spend less time on deviantART these days, it is still the place where I feel the most freedom to express myself.

I may have had a major breakthrough in "how I make comics" over this Thanksgiving weekend. It has nothing to do with technique or skills. It has to do with how I think. In my life, what I am thinking when I draw means everything.

What am I thinking?

When I create comics, the "who am I" must be evident. It must. So who am I? I am Taiwanese American.  I lived in Japan for a very very long time. In the study of "who is Ryuzo", this is more important than ever. The pop culture that supported me and nurtured my art for all these years means less and less to me (sorry Transformers, sorry Star Wars, sorry Mortal Kombat, sorry mainstream comics). I still wholly enjoy pop culture, but when it comes to creating, I have no interest in creating anything remotely similar. TFs, SW, MK, mainstream comics do their genres well and have cultivated their audiences over decades. Good for them. For us indie creators, it is an unprecedented time for self expression, with the means to do it. Where's my audience with the same sensibilities as me? It's up to me to find my audience. How long will mass accessibility to freedom of expression last? Nobody knows. The time is now.

I will make no promises about what I will create. You will see what I create when it gets created, the proverbial "it'll be released when it's done". But on this last day of November 2014, I was here shouting from the top of a mountain. I am Ryuzo. I am breaking out of my shell.

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